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Window World Review

Window World Review

In the U.S one of the top vinyl window manufacturers is Window World. It is not just one of the most well known manufacturers it is also one of the largest too. It has successfully used nationwide marketing and advertising to achieve this status and comes with endorsements from well known people and celebrities such as Kathy Ireland. While the campaign is a huge success in getting its name known around the country and gaining more customers, it does not automatically tell us about the quality of its products and their installation. Here we take a look at what you can expect from using Window World products.

Window world review

Quality Window World products

The products that are being sold and installed by Window World are actually made by Associated Materials, Inc a company based in Ohio. There are a range of option offered. They also sell several window types that are Alside windows that are re-badged or labeled. This is not an uncommon practice, many companies in the windows industry actually have other companies manufacture the products for them. Alside is regarded as an average manufacturer and the models Sheffield and Excalibur that it makes are budget vinyl windows. Its higher end ones are quite decent so if the price is a good deal they should be considered.

Prices for Window World products

The lowest and probably most successful in terms of low price advertising is an installed window for $189 (for an Excalibur or 1000 series window). Keep in mind though that this price is just for the basics or the bare bones. A screen, spacers, better window series, low e-glass, grids and so on will add to that low cost taking it up by quite a bit. If you want a window with a good rating, is energy efficient and so on you are going to get up to $300 to $400 for each window. Then you need to think about whether that price is going to now get you the best window for your money and honestly the answer is no, you could probably find a better replacement window at that price. Get a free quote for Window World products.

window world casement window

Quality of installation at Window World

The quality of installation when you use Window World seems to vary from one franchise to the next. In Dallas, Texas there are consumers very happy with their franchise who have a great reputation for professionalism and good installation. However what may be great in one city may not be as good in the next. That is the problem with franchises. Your city may or may not have good installation service and happy consumers.

The last thing you want is windows that are poor quality and bad installation. Spending less may save you money but when the windows and their installation need re-doing or replacement once again you will end paying out yet again. You should consider getting good windows installed properly as an investment. Rather than being attracted by good advertising make sure you get several quotes from different companies so you can compare and get a good deal for good quality.

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Another issue with installation is that a lot of workers report that in fact Window World do not pay their crews enough. Most crews are subcontracted and are paid for each window installed. This encourages them to get as many windows done as possible rather than focusing on quality of installation. Whether this has a direct impact on work being done is something you can decide.

There are also issues that have come up concerning Window World’s sales people. A company of this size where there are hundreds of people working to sell windows is bound to have some issues. This does not necessarily indicate a reason to avoid this company. However as when dealing with any sales person remember they want you to spend as much money as possible. Also ignore any sales person who might claim Window World makes its own windows as that is not the case. Window World sell and install windows and sliding patios doors made by other manufacturers.

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