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Window Replacement Cost – Evaluate The Cost Before You Start

When you decide to replace the home fixtures or decide to renovate you need to consider a couple of factors, the cost of the window, etc. and the cost of its installation. Every person having his/her own home consider saving money for future renovation or replacement of fixtures. Incidentally the cost of the above are cost intensive hence, the precaution in saving money. Every owner should have some knowledge about the cost of fixtures and the approximate cost for renovation, which includes construction materials and other accessories related to it. This information is available in the internet where you can find numerous farms and their sundry prices. This provides a general comparison of prices.

Cost of replacement windows

Installation companies have good liaison with the manufacturers of windows and therefore get the windows at a reasonable and reduced cost than the prevailing market price. Generally, a window costs in the range of $120 to $170 each. This cost depends on the type of window you need. If you need a double pane window, a triple pane window or some more additions the price charged accordingly. The cost also depends on the material of the window you prefer to have. A vinyl window could cost a little more than $25 each. Additionally you will need locks for it, which cost around $4 each and the window screen cost around $40 for replacement and $16 for rescreening.

window-replacement-costThe above cost includes all the general items, which is available in any home fixture shop. However, a custom-made window with your design will cost more and you can expect another $100 for each window. In a custom-made window, you can have your design and can have a tilting design or double pane glass for heat reduction, which is easy to clean. If you need glazing on your windows then you be prepared to pay some additional money. Overall, the cost directly relates to your choice of windows.

Similar to other products you will find varieties of windows with different cost variation, depending on the material, design and changes you need. A quality material with professional artisanship has assured durability, user friendly and lasts longer. The maximum cost of the basic window should cost you within $200.

The installation cost for each window, labor charges only, will cost you $50 to $150. If you engage a single person to do the job then you can get away with paying $50 – $60. This is because a single person has no overhead expenses like companies, which include office staff, marketing cost and other administrative costs. The only drawback is if you are engaging one person for $50 per window then perhaps you are not doing the exterior trimming capped with vinyl. The average charge of a company installation is around $80 to $120 per installation of windows, which includes capping of the exterior trim. Capping of the exterior trim gives you a good finish and looks elegant.

Taking into consideration the above cost factors you can safely conclude that a replacement window will cost you in the range of $170 to$300, depending on whom you engage; single person or a company.

Unless you decide to compare the prices the company may deceive you, as they will keep their profit margin more than average. You can ask your neighbors and you will find that some has paid $350 and some other has paid $850 for installation of replacement windows. Therefore, be on the safe side, inquire about the company, costs involved and then start the work.

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