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Steel Casement Windows

Steel casement windows installed by homeowners beautify the home and make the room energy efficient. These windows are flexible in opening as it opens in the side or at top or bottom. The steel casement windows are ancient British traditional windows installed to upgrade the look and was made of wrought iron casings. The design is seen today in several parts of the world and is used in office buildings, malls, residential homes and apartments.

However, many people believe that glass pane windows are more energy efficient than the steel casement windows; the notion is wrong. Steel casement windows are energy efficient and enhance the beauty of the building or home.


History of Steel Casement Windows

Steel Casement Windows, as seen from catalogues of architectural firms during 1860. However, it became popular during 1890 and this concept helped in replacing wooden frame widows to steel casement windows. These windows, because of its energy efficiency were installed in warehouses. The modern concept changed the steel casement windows to aluminum, with single or double hung glass panes. However, today architects and homeowners are reverting to the steel casement windows because of its durability and artistic look.

The problems of windows and its assessment

Everyone knows that steel is not a good insulating material and it cannot protect from adverse climatic conditions. The steel casement windows are tight fitting and worn out over a period. This does not help in controlling the energy efficiency concept. The metal corrodes and the sashes get racked. These deteriorating changes do not allow the widows to close tight and thus the energy efficiency reduces, thereby giving rise to the bills. However, if proper maintenance of such windows is not done on a periodical basis the paint layers are corroded and rust develops. Therefore, it is pertinent to have periodical maintenance and proper repair as and when required.

Energy efficiency

Invasion of external air into the room is the basic criterion. When air passes through the gaps of the windows, the room comfort is compromised and you cannot get the desired result. However, several designs of windows available today have weather-stripping around the venting component, which reduces air filtration and reduces noise. Old steel casement windows may not have such efficiency but can be easily repaired and modified.


Repair of steel casement windows

To repair steel casement windows, you should realign the sash, scrap the rust from its body, repair the hinges or any other parts and then repaint. This will give a new look and will reinstall its energy efficient properties. Painting with oil paint is prudent as the look will enhance and the efficiency will rise. The air infiltration is the major cause that affects the energy efficiency. Additional if you caulk the steel casement frames and its hinges there will be no secondary infiltration of air into the room.

The models of Steel casement windows

Any builder or homeowner prefers to find the structure appealing. Hence, the architects and the builders are introducing this type of steel window casing rapidly. Many people like to see their home in an ancient design with energy efficiency.

The dilemma of repair is subject to convincing people about its aesthetic values. They need to be convinced about the appearance of the building or home after replacing it with steel casement windows. The required repair in essential provided; the windows are not damaged and prove beyond repair.

To ascertain the energy efficiency of a home or building or an apartment, it is essential to understand several factors that lead to the decision. The longevity of the window, its maintenance schedule and its physical conditions are in proper shape then required maintenance and replacement be taken to enhance the longevity, appearance and required paint to match the building or home. Since, the steel casement windows are currently in demand, these precaution are pertinent.

The advantages and disadvantages


  1. The advantages of steel casement windows are its strength and capability to hold large glass panes.
  2. Because of its sturdiness, it is durable and has maximum longevity compare to other type of material windows. The only additional cost is its repair and painting.
  3. The steel casement windows are available in different models brands and designs. There are contemporary designs as well as antique designs. Moreover, the designs is custom made for different building or home to suit the other architectural construction. It enhances the gracefulness of the structure.
  4. You have the choice of paints, which suits to the existing home or structure, apartments, shops or factories.
  5. It provides suitable fire resistance, weather resistance and comes with low maintenance cost, compared to other materials.


  1. Many people appreciate the steel casement windows for its elegant and graceful look while many think it is improper as they look like factory installations.
  2. Since it is steel or wrought iron windows, it is much heavier than any other materials.
  3. The steel casement windows cost more than other type of material that are available.
  4. Installation is difficult compared to other type of windows.
  5. There are various models of windows which are more energy efficient than steel casement windows.

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