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Reglazing Window Sashes

The popularity of reglazing window sashes has durability but needs regular or periodical maintenance. Moreover, periodical survey may detect certain parts for replacement. In the contemporary scenario, many manufacturers provide technology that provides insulation that prevents air inflow, noise pollution and damage resistant windows. The matter of fact is your old window renovation is less costly than buying and installing a new one. Several repair companies helps the homeowners to renovate, remove few parts that is essential with a low price.

1. Draught sealing

The main concern for old windows is its gaps, decay over the time or irregular fitting sash windows. The common factor that is detected is the gaps that can extend to 25 cms. If this gaps are plugged the energy efficiency level will go up to the maximum thereby reducing the energy bills and making the room comfortable. Moreover, preventing draughts will reduce the noise pollution considerably and dust from entering the room.

2. Replacement of Frames

Sash windows are made from soft wood. Hence, over a period the decaying process starts and needs replacement. It gets weather bitten and swollen thus damaging the portion or the total frame. Replacement is easier and can be done is short time with less cost. The replacement when handled by a professional provides the exact finish to it.

3. Double Glazing / Triple Glazing

This type of glazing is possible in the existing frames, if not damaged. .  Several companies can carry out double-glazing of existing windows on sit and it can cost around 65% of installing new double or triple glazed windows.

4. Security Glass and Safety Glass

Security glass is nothing more than a secured glass, which is a toughened glass that provides security. This type of glass is installed into the existing frame of home. The difference between safety glass and security glass are different things. The safety glass is prone to damage and get shattered with pressure. This occurs when there is climatic attack the window with safety glass shatters.

5. Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glasses are thick in nature and that depends on the frame, whether it fits into it or not. This eliminates the noise pollution and protects your window from shattering during adverse climatic conditions. In fact, the glass comes with the thickness of 8 to 13 millimeters.

6. Anti-Fade Glass

Anti-fade glass has the attribute to eliminate the UV rays and prevents the sunlight that damages your carpet, upholstery and other furniture. Spectrum and Pilkingtons are among many that produce such glass, which fits into the existing sash windows. In fact, they produce such type of glasses.

7. Self Cleaning Glass

This type of glass has a useful finish that does not cause any dirt or rainwater to disturb your home. The best example is ‘Pilkington ActivT’ self-cleaning glass.

How to Reglaze Window Sashes on a single-pane window

Many factors depend on how you use and protect the window and how to reglaze the older single windowpane. Children playing baseball or by mistake someone throws a stone and even a falling tree branch could shatter the windowpanes. The contemporary window double-panes replaces the entire window frame but if you have a single windowpane that may not be necessary.

Reglazing a single-pane window in home does not require any assistance from other sources. Professional experience is not essential. The minimum knowledge you need to have using a putty knife, which will help you in reglazing the single pane windows.

Any person or the homeowner with minimum knowledge can reglaze single pane windows.

  1. Find a comfortable place to work for reglazing. Then you remove the window into that space by using a flat pry bar and a hammer. Then you keep the sash with the exterior part of the window facing you.
  2. The moment you remove the window sash, remove the old glazing compound from the frame by using a glazing knife or any utility knife. Remove the compound from the old glass without applying any pressure. Then you will notice the “glazing points”. These triangular metal points support the window and thus remove them with pliers.

After removing the entire old compound, apply linseed oil tom treat the soft wood. However, remember to boil the linseed oil before applying to the wood. Apply the linseed oil along the opening where the glass is placed.

The next step is to clean the glass and reassemble the window frame. Apply the glazing compound with your hand, after cleaning the glass pane. Apply it perfectly until it is pliable and warm to the touch. Now, take this same compound and work it into the shape of a snake to place inside the wood rabbet where the glass sits.

Thereafter put the glass into the window frame. Reinstall the glazing points; they should be six to eight inches apart. Prepare more compounds in the same manner to go around the entire window sash. Pres it carefully into position and do it firmly. This is the final stage of replacing the window sash. Thereafter put it back into position and you have your reglazing window sashes.

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