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Installing a Wooden Casement Window

Wooden Casement Windows

The wooden casement windows attached to the basic frame, that have hinges and opens on either sides. However, people prefer the windows to open on the outside. It has single glass or multiple glass panes. They are user-friendly and open and close the moment you desire. These are solid windows and energy efficient, also. It is prudent not to install heavy wooden casement windows. Because over the time, it becomes saggy and tend to hand down. This property decreases the energy efficiency.

Hence, appropriate size, with the consultation of qualified companies, contractors or workers should be taken into consideration. Different manufacturers have different designs and thus knowledge about such intricacies is essential.

Wooden casement window

Installing casement windows

The wooden casement window installation is not difficult, if you adhere to the tips below. This will guide with steps for its installation and fixing process. This will direct your skills to perform the job, rather than hiring qualified people, with a cost for such purpose.

To start installation of casement windows you have to have all the required materials and gadgets for the purpose. The gadgets, which are essential are latex chalk sealant, a hammer, level, flashing, shims, 16d corrosion resistant finishing, nails and tape. When you have these materials then you can start the installation of wooden casement process.

  1. Make sure that the opening of the window is flat and smooth. Each side of the frame is to be looked into and accessed properly, so that you do not face any hindrances during installing casement windows.
  2. The sealing as well as flashing step is secondary, which protects the window from environmental damage. If you need such type of wooden casements for installation, it is prudent to discuss with specifics with the seller.
  3. If you have no time to meet the seller personally then you can find the answers from the internet. Many online experts provide stepwise advice for wooden casement installation.


The installation process

When you are properly well-equipped, place the flashing paper on the top just below the slit that is exposed in the house wrap that you created in the earlier step. A latex caulk is necessary to be put around the boundary of the window. This is a vital and necessary step when you intend to install window casements. After completing the steps, you can now start installing the window, in its requisite frame.

The actual window casement replacement can take place at this stage. The centering of the window is between the side jambs and the jack studs. The nails are tacked, with 16d finishing nails, if the entire frame is in proper place. These are important and never ever forget to do so.

The leveling instrument should be kept handy to ensure the proper leveling of the wooden casement installation. Thereafter by opening and closing of the windows, you will know its flexibility and the work done by you is proper or not. You need to check every aspect of the installation and satisfy yourself about its function.

In fact, any window, which properly shimmed is measured evenly from the top and the bottom side of the window. Never remove the shims because they have to stay there permanently. If the window is perfectly put into place, then you can enjoy its benefit. To conclude, this is a relatively easy process to handle and when finished you will find that you have become a skilled installer for wooden casement windows.

However, it needs finding quality materials and after the installation its user-friendly functions. Unless it is achieved the entire process of your handling the installation process will become a fiasco.

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