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Installing a Clad Double-Hung Window

The common type of windows that is replaced today is none other than the clad double-hung windows. There several models and design on such windows that make either the installation smooth or difficult. However, if you need and decide to install a standard clad double-hung window then the cost will be less and easier to install.

Check the opening

When you install the clad double – hung windows, it is pertinent to check the level of the opening to ensure that it is perfect. If the leveling is accurate then the windows will fit and will function perfectly. Moreover, it is prudent to find out the water resistant barrier and if you find any flaws in it, then apply flashing tapes.

The alignment and installation

In order to make sure that the window sits properly, it is essential that you place spacers to the window frame. This will need at least two persons to handle the fitting. Unless the alignment is not accurate then the entire effort will end in fiasco. The windows need to be square and plumb with the frame. Thereafter check the function of the window and its user friendliness. It is essential to check if the locking system is perfect.

The Window and Barrier

Use the flashing tape at the top and the sides of the window. Then fold down the water resistive barrier. Once you have done that, put flashing tape on the diagonal cuts. Overlap the top corners to make sure that the barrier has the right coverage.

Interior seal

It is pertinent that you need not use pressure foams from the inside seal. It is prudent to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer during installation. To seal the window you need to apply the nozzle with sealant between the windows. Check the performance of the window after you have applied the sealant to study the effectiveness of the foam. In case of any deviation you need to remove the foam with a knife.

Exterior Seal

Double check to be certain that the window is sealed to the cladding. The exterior observation and normally done from the outside. Once you have the backer rod in place in the space around the window, use the sealant on it. After the backer rod is placed in the space around the window, apply the sealant.

How to finish

If you install wooden clad double-hung windows, then it is essential to find and detect the finishing areas. In case the finishing is not perfect then you can call the service during the warranty period. To finish the process, it is vital to discard all such debris or dust from the surface. For aluminum clad, it is necessary to clean the same with soap and water solution. In case you find some stains that cannot be removed with soap solution the use mineral spirits to clean.

However, each model or brand provides their way of cleaning and it is wiser to follow those guidelines. The manufacturer’s manual is a handy guide that has to be diligently followed. Moreover, initially the installation process may look critical but a clad double-hung window can be done without hiring someone to complete it. Ensure that you follow the guidelines of the manufacturer’s manual and check the installation periodically to ascertain its function.

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