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How To Install Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you intend to replace the windows with vinyl framed double paned thermal windows, the advantages are more than the disadvantages. It is prudent to install such frames that will last for a longer period.

There are several designs of vinyl-framed windows that will suit your need because of their different colors that will match the decoration of the home. This provides you the similar d├ęcor of the home and your taste of the color and material, which you need for your home. Vinyl-framed windows are robust and do not need coloring or maintenance, because they are scratch proof and long lasting. This type of frame is cost effective and is not prone to environmental erosions. In fact, the air-conditioning of the inner rooms does not influence it nor it is affected by the outside climate changes. The trendy aspect is, it is installed quickly and effortlessly.

The replacement and installation procedure of vinyl windows is not as easy as you may think. The replacement is directly dependant on the design and usage of the vinyl window. Therefore, while replacing the old window with vinyl window you must know certain important information about it, which will be easier for you to replace it without much hassle. It is prudent to engage professionally qualified person from a know company that manufactures vinyl window. A reputed company always provide quality customer car and after sales services. After-sales- service is essential because at the initial stage after installation, it may pose problems or may not fit well to the frame.

Vinyl windows replacement is a good idea, as it is cheaper and therefore cost effective compared to windows of other materials. The decision is wiser; it comes within the budget and lasts longer because of the durability of the material. Very less maintenance is required as periodical painting is not necessary, as it does not accrue dusts in it as you find in windows or other materials. However, the installation has to proper and immaculate. People choose vinyl windows as the windows have several distinctiveness and stands ahead of other type of windows. Hence, when you decide for window replacement your first choice should be vinyl windows.

How to install Vinyl replacement windows

If the measurement of the vinyl window is perfect and accurate to the frame then it will save you from customizing the opening and adjusting the window to the frame. New windows are installed to the uneven opening but at times, the vinyl windows may need some trimming to fit into the frame. However, the primary thing is to get the measurement right.

When you procure the new vinyl window, place it near the assigned place and set it close by. Thereafter, you uninstall the old window and follow the following guidelines to remove it.

  1. Utilize a flat bar and a hammer to dismantle the old trim.
  2. Take away the old screws and nails, if any from the wings of the old window.
  3. Remove the window gently avoiding use of force, as it may drop down and end up damaged.
  4. When the window is free from the opening, have a solid grip, take assistance and gently remove and keep aside.

If you feel the window is jammed then look for screws or nails sticking to it, which you may have left it through oversight. Removing a window that someone else has installed long before requires skill and expertise. Remove only the required portion. In many instances, the interior casings can be left as it is. Clean the rough opening; remove the debris and any other foreign material that you find.

The next step is insulation of the vinyl window. Several types and qualities of insulation tapes are available which is used on the opening prior to installation. Different types of tapes have different type of applications. Insulate the wings of the new window directly on the studs of the rough opening. Some insulating tapes are used in the interior as well as the exterior, under the nails or screws.

Thereafter follow the guidelines below:

  1. Get a screw gun, screws and brace for holding the window.
  2. Place the window in the opening and by holding the top put the bottom of the brace against the bottom of the window.
  3. Take the screw gun and support the window with your shoulders before using both hands for installing the screws. Make sure you put the first screw in the wing of the window at the top corner. Then install another in the opposite corner before coming to the bottom corners.
  4. Finish the installation of vinyl window by putting rest of screws in place to hold strong and secured.

When you put the rest of screws, always put it in opposite sides and not in one side only. Consequently, the window sucks up the insulation tape and the visible studs from the rough opening. It is better that you use new exterior trim when replacing vinyl windows and caulk the trim to finish installation.

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