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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

The energy efficient windows are the best means to cut the cost from your monthly or weekly budget. This helps in preserving the environmental conditions and save at the same time reducing your energy consumption bill. Moreover, it adds to the equity value of your home and you may get a better price if you decide to sell it.

The replacement of windows has to be decided initially to be conclusive about what exactly you need. Is it necessary to replace the total window along with the frame or can the existing frame solving the purpose of you conceptual design? The decision belongs to the homeowner, and is/her budget and what exactly he/she needs to install. The avenue is vast and the decision depends upon the homeowner.

replacement-windowsThe homeowner should realize that replacement of the windows depend on, whether he/she needs to have the entire frame to be removed or he/she can manage with the existing frame. In fact, the homeowner gets maximum energy efficient replacement windows, while replacing the old windows judiciously. The new windows prevent the air leakage because it use uses modern technology for the purpose. This decision could be a capital investment for the homeowner but he/she will reap the results in the time to come.

Window is also, replaced by keeping old frame intact and replacement of the sash, side jams and the trim is carried out. Thereafter, the window is inserted fixed into the frame. The important aspect is to ensure that the frame and window fits perfectly without leaving any gap. In case the frame is out of shape and irreparable then it is prudent to go for new frame. In such cases, if the frame is not replaced you will not be able to make the room energy efficient. Moreover, you can partly replace the window by buying a replacement slash kit. In the event of repair, it is pertinent to ensure that the frame is in good shape.

At the time of window replacement with energy efficient windows, it is necessary to ensure if the energy efficient window is certified for energy efficient program. The department of environment protection agency and department of energy have created energy star designation to help customers to buy the proper energy efficient, windows, doors and skylights. The energy star designation is given to such consumer products that qualify laid down standards of the above two departments. By replacing old windows with new energy efficient windows, homeowner saves energy cost from 5% to 15%. Less energy use also, helps the environment, reducing green house gases and carbon footprint. By replacing energy efficient windows your home stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Moreover, you help in conserving energy and add to the protection on our planet.

What to Look for in Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Unless you have some knowledge about energy efficient replacement windows, it will be difficult on your part to choose the right kind of window. In case you are technically qualified, you can make choices of your own. However, if you are a non-technical person then it is wise to gather some idea about energy efficient windows. When you read about it, you will gather knowledge about several types of ratings that are related to the performance. Without knowledge, buying an energy efficient window is a bad decision, because you will not be in a position to understand the ratings and their performance.

Energy Efficient Windows:

When you decide to buy energy-efficient windows look for four-star ratings. Quality products comes with high-energy rating, performs in an excellent way and save energy. Additionally, verify the product certification and ensue which authority certifies its performance level. It is always safe to buy energy efficient replacement windows with AAMA certification.


U-factor connotes the flow of heat through a window Lower the U-factor better is the heat flow prevention into the room. In Virginia Beach, people look for 0.3 or less U-factor. Regarding air infiltration, look at the Air Infiltration rating below.


Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency

Solar Heat Gain Co-efficiency or SHGC is the method for measuring the transmission of solar heat. If the SHGC is more than the specified norms then the solar heat inflow is more, through the glass panes, into the room. However, people who reside in a cold region, the SHGC ought to be higher and vice-versa for people staying in warm climate. In Virginia, tidewater zone people opt for U-factor .20 and .30. This is an ideal range for this area.


Design Pressure (DP) Rating

Design Pressure (DP) Rating is the measurement of sturdiness of the product to withstand hurricane, cyclone, water penetration and harsh wind. DP rating has several variables. However, to withstand these hazardous circumstances DP rating of 50 or higher is essential. DP rating of 35 is also acceptable, if it AAMA gold label certified. Never buy replacement windows without finding out their rating and label.



Air loss is a major factor, which stands in the way of proper insulation of windows, doors and skylights. Therefore, if the frames are airtight you will have better insulation. Leakage of air makes the glass panes vulnerable and is a detrimental factor. It helps in breaking of glass panes during wind pressure. Ensure that the frames and replacement windows are airtight. A good energy efficient window has a rating of A.10 or less.

AAMA Gold Label

Manufacturing companies must follow the building code for their products. Several homeowners neglect and do not buy the products with AAMA certificate. AAMA certificate ensure the quality of the windows and various other parameters that are necessary. If the company is registered with AAMA then it has the privilege of visiting inspectors from AAMA. They ensure that the company adheres to all set parameters. If you are choosing from Andersen Windows (AKA Anderson Windows), Marvin Windows, custom windows or vinyl replacement windows be sure to verify the gold label. Serious manufacturers try their best to maintain the laid down standards and get AAMA gold label certificate. However, there are some manufacturers, who mislead the consumers. The AAMA gold label is found in the cavity of the frame of AAMA certified replacement windows.


Replacement window cost

The cost of replacement windows will depend on the design, material and custom made. Custom made replacement windows will cost around $300. Windows that qualifies lower air infiltration rating the cost is higher because the replacement cost and its handling cost is added to the window cost.

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