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Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are common type of windows that has two sashes in a single frame. These sash moves up and down, to provide air ventilation into the room or area. This type of windows are generally installed in corridors, patios and similar other areas. Both sashes are independent of each other and can move according to the requirement. The sash could be of single glass pane or sash bars called ‘mutins’. It is characteristically an architectural design used in the western world. Moreover, if you need to install a snap-in grid, it will provide different lights to the exterior.

Benefits of double hung windows

Double_Hung_WindowThese windows are flexible and elegant. The flexibility and user-friendly handling has made this type of windows popular world over. The double hung windows are fitted into any type of home style that the homeowner would prefer. Moreover, it is available in several designs, shapes, sizes and colors to suit the purpose of aesthetic look. They are generally custom made and are great choice for replacement windows.

The double hung windows are known to provide maximum ventilation to the home. If you slide one sash, cool air percolates inside the home. When both the sashes are open, it allows perfect air circulation by allowing cold air to enter into the area and the bottom discard the warm air that prevails. Hence, it is considered as a natural air conditioning gadget. Moreover, it is energy efficient as no power is essential for the functioning of the windows. This system and its utility can be experienced from neighbors who have installed double hung windows.

The safety of the windows is incomparable as it is lockable, which prevents intruders to set into the home. Since it is lockable, the homeowner feels safe, because it does not come down on a person and bangs the head. As I have mentioned these type of windows are suitable for corridors, patios and similar other areas.

These windows are easy to maintain and the homeowner cleanse the window from both the interior and exterior parts. Cleaning the external side does not require you to move out; you are able to clean it from the interior of the home. Several manufacturers have designed double hung windows with removable sashes, which become easier to clean. Their energy efficiency is unquestionable, because you have, the option to install double-glazed to improve the efficiency for you warm and cool environment.


Why are double hung windows popular?

  1. The casement clad in the choicest vinyl, you need not have to maintain or paint it periodically. However, if you prefer to install unclad bare wood casements then the situation is different.
  2. Double hung windows aren’t installed in one place but are installed in several places depending on the necessity and requirement of the homeowner or the home area. An installation like this is essential over a bay or bow window, since it is flexible and allows extra ventilation.

The double hung windows are versatile, safe, energy efficient, maintenance free and environment friendly, which make the home comfortable to stay in.

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