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Basement Window Replacement Options

Basement light intrusions are not what homeowners feel. They do not provide the bright, open feel as they cannot provide the natural light sources. However, if the light sources are reduced to lower and acceptable level then it will benefit the room for energy efficiency. If the homeowner decides in a judicial manner to install basement window replacement then he/she can save a lot of money. More0evr, the basement fitments enhances the look of the property. Replacing windows is a plausible idea and has to be adhered to.

The buyers or people who rent the home they have to realize the various norms and aspects of the replacement windows. Several people have different taste and choices of basement replacement windows. The expectation depends upon the requisite demand of the homeowner. The basic norm is that the room should have sufficient light in the basement with proper ventilation and should satisfy the environmental aspects.


Best Basement Replacement Windows

It is pertinent that you need to know the criteria of installing new basement windows or replacing the same with quality and certified products. The options are dependent on the homeowner.

Climate Control

If you find that your annual bill for energy is increasing then it is pertinent to have energy efficient basement windows.  If you do so then homeowners will get the advantage of window tax credit, 2010. This will help you saving substantial amount of money on several products. This will help you in keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer seasons. The use of air-condition can also be minimized. The real estate builders do not adhere to such required norms. They are hasty in completing the project and do not take notice of poorly constructed basement windows. It is therefore, necessary to ensure the parameters of the doors, windows and skylight installations prior to accepting the offer from real estate companies.


In fact, a professional window replacement contractor assists you to know the pros and cons of the replacement strategy. They recommend thermal windows, fiberglass windows and preferably double glazed windows. The professional contractor will advise you properly and perfectly the type of windows that is essential for the home.

Maintenance and Longevity

Although the basic factor for replacement windows is to ensure the durability, quality and its sturdiness; it also should have the property to provide low maintenance, safety, security airflow, prevention from insects and corrosion of the structure. Ant type of replacement windows that are built-in to prevent such hazards are the best of the products.


If you intend to replace the windows with fiberglass then you will have a maintenance free window for a long time to come. If you desire to install wooden frames, that will require maintenance, periodically it will necessitate coloring and maintenance. However, the Vinyl frames are better and within the budget of any low salaried person, which obviously expands and contracts according to the prevailing temperature. However, this product is not environment friendly.

Placement and Installation

The location of the basement is always in the bottom of the construction and thus can be vulnerable to floods. Therefore, it is pertinent to –place the basement windows, which are airtight and waterproof. It has to be installed perfectly to avoid all such detrimental environmental hazards, so that the room is perfectly insulated.

Several window manufacturers have the facility of upper drainage facility to funnel out the accumulated water logging. The best-known manufacturer of such device is Marvin replacement basement windows are a great manufacturer who produces top-of-the-line windows shaped to fit any entry.

Basement Window Replacement Options

Several homeowners will find quite a few varieties and options for basement replacement windows.

Slider Windows

The slider windows operate in both sides and it is the choice of the homeowner to decide which side he/she needs to operate.



  1. Slider windows are energy efficient.
  2. User friendly in operating the windows.
  3. Easy to maintain, clean and provide adequate air ventilation.
  4. The window screen is easily removable when you need to shift things in and out of the basement.


  1. The sun rays coming into the room is good but not similar to Hopper Windows.
  2. Some other type of windows is much better, provided metal bars are not attached to the exterior part, which prevents the easy airflow.

Hopper Windows

These are top opened windows, which are easy to maintain.



  1. This type of windows allows more sunlight to pass through and equally energy efficient. Handling these windows is easy and easily maintainable.
  2. The ventilation is superb and has greater clearance for large material movement.


  1. Small height people or children find it difficult to open as it is top lock window.
  2. The security standard is less as compared to glass blocks.

Glass blocks

Glass blocks come in a couple of types; with and without vent. The security aspect is much better when the homeowner does not like more light or ventilation in the area.



  1. Security is tight in these glass blocks. It is impossible to get inside from the exterior and fit holes of various sizes.
  2. It is less costly.


  1. No or minimum light infiltration.
  2. No or minimum airflow.
  3. Cannot see through glass blocks.
  4. Not energy efficient windows.

However, it depends on the homeowner to decide, for what purpose he needs to utilize the basement. If it is only for storage purpose then glass block types are the best. Moreover, if you need to utilize the basement for living purpose or foe relaxation then you must opt for hopper type or slider windows.

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