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Advantages Of Casement Windows

Window Casement

The characteristic is that the casement windows are fixed firmly to the frame with hinges, which are at its sides. When you open the windows, you do it by turning a crank, lever or cam handle. The handles of casement windows are normally set in such places where any person can utilize its function. It is generally on a hand height of any normal height person. In case there is some wrongful installation, the windows are locked automatically. During harsh weather conditions, it is pertinent to open casement window and keep it steady. The stay or friction hinge normally installed, for security purpose. The windows generally have glass panes and in a rabbeted frame and secured with a certain compound to keep the glass safe.

The general casement windows have hinges in both sides, and the variations from the top are called as awning windows and at the bottom are called as hoppers. People like this type of windows because they can open it and have a wide view and maximum air circulation. They open much more than any other installed window. This provides a maximum open space to relax with the natural air circulation.

However, the double hung windows open only half way irrespective from the top or the bottom. Sliding windows will provide limited opening unlike the double hung windows. There are several windows, that people fix on their home, which do not open at all, or if it opens, it provides only a fraction of air circulation into the room. Hence, to get the maximum air circulation into the room the double hung windows are the best choice.
The opening of the windows provides the maximum air into your room, which is comfortable at times. Hence, people desire to install double hung windows. This type of window is much better than any other windows that the homeowner needs to install in his/her home. A homeowner will prefer to have this type of windows and can enjoy the breeze irrespective of obstacles that are on the home front. There could be tress, bushes or even other constructions; the flow of air is free to the room. When you open the windows, you have glasses that behave like the flaps and guide the air through to the room.

There are people who think that wide opening such as double hung windows are security risks. However, the fact and presumption is untrue. The double casement windows provide maximum security and are the hardest windows to break open and enter into the home. Moreover, the double casement windows are available in several sizes, designs and even custom made. You may prefer to have single panels or double panels remain your choice. However, remember to get the maximum breeze when needed to your home and when not required should be locked properly.

The fundamental is, when you open the window you get sufficient breeze and the superb choice is none other than the casement windows. Many people opine as such.

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