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How To Install Replacement Windows

Installing Replacement Windows

windowThe improvements of the home is essential every now or then. With the new developments and the technical know how that is available today, it is prudent to go ahead with the replacements of windows and other necessary required home accessories.

Step 1: Measure your rough openings
The initial stage need to be the replacement of windows after perfect measurements. The rough openings will be detrimental to the home theater. Let us understand what a rough opening is. The rough is such an opening that has to be considered with its length and breadth and its air passage. If you have a small opening that will not need adjustments but windows with wide openings need to be experimented and seen for its changeover. The rough openings have the wide openings and may require removing the wooden installations to get a better reproduction of home theater. It is pertinent to have the exact dimension that is needed for the home theater.


Step 2: Order the windows
The fundamental idea should be to advise the designer to find out flaws in your window designing. Moreover, this is essential for a home theater to provide the best output as possible. In fact, the requirement of the homeowner and his intentions are vital to consider. The system provider should have the knowledge about the area and dimensions of the room so that he/she can provide you the best possible result. Professional designer’s, best provide the location and the type of windows necessary for home theater installation. The width and the height of the windows have to be spelled out by the homeowner to make the designer understand the implications of home theater and its sound effect.

Step 3: Remove the old windows
It is better to redesign the old windows and get the new design windows for installation at home. The installation is simple and easy because the designer needs to cut open the old one and install the new ones with the required material. Please ensure that they use the circular saw to remove the old window. The circular saws normally have the base, which is 1-1/2” wide. The designer or his carpenter has to us the saw with thickness of the siding plus a 1/8” wide. See that the designer or his appointed person does it correctly; if it is perfect then you work is accomplished. This cut will give you 1-1/2” on the perimeter. Thereafter you need to that the application is correct or not. The nails and the entire window dismantling will be on a moment.   The siding has been removed and the designer can install the nails according his/her specimen. The basic concept is to have the best for your money. This conception of the designer and has to be adapted to.

Step 4: Installing the new window
Install the new window after removing the old ones. It is pertinent to do one window at a time. The best part is you as the homeowner have the liberty to stop the installation during natures attack. This is the time when bugs or other environmental things affect your installation. The installation gets affected in such circumstances and that need to be avoided. However, the fact remains that replacing the windows has to be perfectly compatible with the ideas of the homeowner.   The inspection of the sliding unit is essential. The sliding unit has to be easy to handle should not pose any problem while closing or opening. The contention of Shim depends on the designer or the homeowner. However, the window system has to work smoothly and efficiently. In fact, you should make sure that the Shim is used at the most every 12″ along the bottom. The framing and the adaptability of the system has to be tested. To ensure the perfection of the installation it is pertinent to test some factors such as:

  1. Install the new windows
  2. The window is placed in the center of the rough opening.
  3. Place a few nails through the bottom window flange right into the framing of the window.
  4. Make sure the sliding unit is installed properly and it operates, shuts, and locks properly.
  5. Nail or screw the flange completely after you are done with the slider.
  6. Fasten only the side and bottom flanges.
  7. Don’t fasten the top flange.

Step Five: Install trim for the new window
The contention is if the window is siding is T-111 plywood type, then it is essential that you fill the empty area around the window with plywood that has the same thickness as the T-111 siding. In fact many older sidings have T-111 siding is 5/8″ thick, hence, it is desirable to rip it down and install5/8″ CDX plywood to refill the void. The entire gap should be capped with the desired chemicals. Check after your frame is in place and is compatible to the desired requirement. Never, compromise with the quality of work, at any cost.

It is essential that you if you have shingle siding, use 5/4″ or 1-1/2″ thick trim then take a piece of trim or shingle siding, use 5/4″ or 1-1/2″ thick trim and then draw a line along the outside of the trim and then cut on this line. Then you can remove the sliding fragments and install the trim. If the old windows or its trim looks bad, replace it. The cost of replacement may be affecting the budget, but do it. You will then enjoy the new rooms with fabulous windows as desired, painted, or graphically adjusted by you.

Some final tips

When you need to replace the old window, yourself it is pertinent to have safety guards; such eye glasses, gloves, etc. This is because when you cut out an old window the saw dry saw dust can come directly into the eyes.

Moreover, it is prudent to use galvanized screws and other necessary gadgets to fasten the window flanges. The galvanized screws are essential because the raw iron screws will attract rust and deteriorate in time. The caulking has to be of superb quality and it is advisable not to use such screws that are silicone caulk. This is because they cannot accept the paint in the end.

Hence, it is prudent to get an experts advice before going into dismantling or fiddling with your old windows. Be safe and spend money wisely; this is very important to understand.


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